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Voter Data Analysis, Phase I, II

EPEC’s Data and Tech lead Jon Lareau has been publishing analysis of the Daily Absentee Logs provided by the Department of Elections and other publicly available election data sources.

Recent posts and analysis of his findings are below from the Digital Poll Watchers Sandbox (separate link). 

VA General Election Early Voting Analysis

RSS VA General Election DAL Stats

  • 2023 VA General Election DAL File Metrics September 19, 2023
    Below you will find the current summary data and graphics from the VA 2023 General Election Daily Absentee List files. We pull the DAL file everyday and track the count of each specific ballot category in each daily file. Note: Page may take a moment to load the graphics objects. Linear Scale Plot: Place your […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • VA voter registrations greater than census determined eligible voters September 18, 2023
    One of our volunteers brought to our attention the following press release: https://www.honestelections.org/honest-elections-project-supports-new-pre-litigation-notices-against-arizona-and-virginia/. They claim that “… 43 counties and independent cities in Virginia and four counties in Arizona claim to have more voters than voting-age adult citizens.” Attempt to directly validate the claim After reading through the press release we decided to independently try […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Ballot Completion Rate for VA Absentee Voters July 23, 2023
    Below is an analysis of the VA statewide voter completion rate for absentee ballots compiled from the 2022 General Election Daily Absentee List (DAL) file downloaded from the VA Dept of Elections (“ELECT”) on 2022-11-15 17:46:21. The DAL file records the transactions of all absentee ballots during the early voting period in VA elections. It […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Changes in number of detected cloned VA voter registration records Nov 2022 – July 2023 July 16, 2023
    BLUF: The number of detected exact (Full Name + DOB) “clone” registration records in the VA Registered Voter List (RVL) file has decreased overall from 2022-11-23 to 2023-07-01, however there are additional new clones still being added to the database. There has been a concentrated effort by various election integrity groups and public officials around […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Voter ID Number distribution patterns in VA Registered Voter List July 7, 2023
    One thing that I have been asked about repeatedly is if there is any sort of patterns in the assignment of voter ID numbers in the VA data. Specifically, I’ve been asked repeatedly if I’ve found any similar pattern to what AuditNY has found in the NY data. It’s not something that I have looked […]
    Jonathan Lareau