Management Team

Electoral Process Education Corporation is a non-partisan, nonprofit charity devoted to voter participation activities, election best practices, voter database analysis, and publications that enhance the public’s understanding of the election process. 

Jon Lareau

Jon's work has been recognized by multiple intelligence, defense and commercial industry organizations for his exemplary results working in complex technical environments. His leadership principles are fueled by a dedicated work ethic and ability to focus on consistently delivering innovative results of exceptional quality both on time and on budget. His experience includes multiple projects developing quick, low-cost solutions to hard technology problems. He is also a published inventor, author, and contributing member to technical societies such as AMS, IEEE and SPIE. He has proposed, marketed, developed and managed new and novel processing techniques for various customers, including cutting edge sensor design and image formation processing, LADAR/LiDAR & 3D structure from motion sensor systems and algorithms, data ingest + fusion techniques, machine learning and inferencing, orbital physics, computational geometry, and cloud based web-applications for C&C. Jon holds MS Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineering, R&D, Program/Team Leadership and Management, Product Concept and Design, Business Development, Image/Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Computational Physics/Mathematics, Imaging and 3D Sensors, Sensor Image Formation and Fusion, Agile Software development, DevOPs.

Erin Marie Joyce

Project manager, former technology journalist, infrastructure and engineering magazine editor, web content manager, newfound non-profit administrator, and longtime dashboard enthusiast. Erin's subject expertise includes information technology, financial services, public-private partnerships, and construction technology. Her work includes speech-writing, strategic policy messaging, and analysis. Erin has promoted data visualization analysis projects and awareness of how databases are managed for the past decade in newsrooms she managed, and with engineering audiences deploying "giga-project" management tools. As Communications Director at the Consumer Product Safety Commission, she successfully funded the first-ever data visualization pilot program to assess product-recall media effectiveness and database entries involving 15,000 product categories. She is toiling away on producing dashboard visualizations of EPEC voter data to help educate the public on all aspects of election technology. She remains acronym aware and buzzword compliant.

Ken Lubeck

Ken has over 16 years of Product & Project Management experience in the web application space, and specializes in feature development lifecycle end-to-end using the agile methodology. He is an expert in SaaS Product Management, Agile Methodologies and Product Management, Six Sigma business process improvement techniques. He also specializes in delivery plans for complex projects in technology functions/domains including software architecture. He brings unique subject matter expertise with Analytics & Reporting and Business Intelligence for major corporate clients.

Rick Naigle

Innovator.  Data Driven Senior Process Analyst / Engineer. Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy (Engineering) Master of Science, The Georgia Institute of Technology (Operations Research) Certified LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt / Green Belt Trainer 42 years of active Army and defense contract experience - retired Active Army Airborne Ranger Infantryman with leadership, operations, and functional staff experience in Light, Mechanized, Intelligence, Special Operations, and Airborne units - retired defense contractor with project and program expertise as a principal engineer, senior mission assurance manager, and senior continuous improvement engineer.  Developed and administered project and program team web sites with embedded process performance measures. "... make us to choose the harder right over the easier wrong, and never be content with a half truth when the whole truth can be won."  from The Cadet Prayer, United States Military Academy  

Our Staff & Volunteers

EPEC is supported by donors and volunteers with expertise in enterprise-level information technology, networking, elections management, election law, database administration, across Virginia and the nation. EPEC’s mission would not be possible without their dedication to election transparency.