Voter Data Analysis by EPEC CTO Jon Lareau

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  • Non-citizen registrations with previous voting history in VA election data March 20, 2024
    Abstract: Using the data provided by the VA Department of Elections (ELECT), we have identified at least 1,481 unique registrations that were identified as “Determined Non-Citizen” and removed by ELECT from the voter rolls since May of 2023. Of those 1,481 there were 335 that also had corresponding records of recent ballots cast in the […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Information contained in 2D barcode on VA Drivers licenses March 15, 2024
    This one is quick, I promise. Last week I got asked a question as to what information is actually contained in the 2D barcode on VA drivers licenses. I didn’t know the answer, so I did some digging. First of all, I found the following information available on the VA DMV website: I also […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Potential Double Voters in VA 2024 DEM and REP March Primary March 13, 2024
    EPEC has identified at least 28 individual voter IDs in the 2024 VA March Primaries who, according to the Daily Absentee List (DAL) files purchased from the VA Department of Elections (a.k.a. “ELECT”), have a record showing they voted in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. All of the records identified have the same voter […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • VA 2024 March Primary Election Fingerprints March 9, 2024
    Abstract Examining the Election Night Reporting data from the VA 2024 March Democratic and Republican primaries provides supporting evidence that the Republican primary was impacted and skewed by a large number of Democratic “crossover” voters, resulting in an irregular election fingerprint when the data is plotted. Background The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) published […]
    Jonathan Lareau
  • Technical issues with Enhanced Voting Election Night Return JSON files March 8, 2024
    As I was going through and processing the (new) VA election night reporting data provided by Enhanced Voting, I noticed a number of technical issues with the data feed. I’ve tried to capture them here in the attempt to help assist the VA Department of Elections in correcting bugs and implementation issues with their new […]
    Jonathan Lareau