Jon’s work has been recognized by multiple intelligence, defense and commercial industry organizations for his exemplary results working in complex technical environments. His leadership principles are fueled by a dedicated work ethic and ability to focus on consistently delivering innovative results of exceptional quality both on time and on budget.

His experience includes multiple projects developing quick, low-cost solutions to hard technology problems. He is also a published inventor, author, and contributing member to technical societies such as AMS, IEEE and SPIE. He has proposed, marketed, developed and managed new and novel processing techniques for various customers, including cutting edge sensor design and image formation processing, LADAR/LiDAR & 3D structure from motion sensor systems and algorithms, data ingest + fusion techniques, machine learning and inferencing, orbital physics, computational geometry, and cloud based web-applications for C&C.

Jon holds MS Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineering, R&D, Program/Team Leadership and Management, Product Concept and Design, Business Development, Image/Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Computational Physics/Mathematics, Imaging and 3D Sensors, Sensor Image Formation and Fusion, Agile Software development, DevOPs.