Matching Grant Miracles Happen Here

By EPEC Voter News:

Jan. 3, 2024 — Call us the little nonprofit that could. A generous donor has awarded Electoral Process Education Corp. a $15,000 matching grant for data purchases and server maintenance so we can continue the great results we have achieved since we launched in 2022.

We had heard great things about GiveSendGo, and since they also welcome prayers, we’re throwing up a Hail Mary to help us purchase data.

We are thrilled to report that we have raised $3,000 from supporters so far toward our $15,000 goal. We have been blown away by the response.  Our network is growing, and more people are seeing the value of our work to promote election data transparency and voter participation.

With your help, we can purchase election data, and build out a publishing operation to extend our educational mission.

This is the part where do a little humble bragging by quoting an anonymous donor:

“EPEC has been a game-changer for data analysis and election integrity work across Virginia. EPEC’s transparent methodology, great public education, and easily-usable data services have been providing a valuable public benefit for election officials, volunteers and the general public since they started, and it just keeps getting better.”

These words are like rocket fuel to our efforts. We are a unique nonprofit in Virginia helping to ensure that election technology systems are transparent. EPEC Team strives to ensure that election systems are well managed, and voters are inspired to participate in elections. 

A summary of our findings and charitable work so far:

1. Thousands of Virginia voters appear to be assigned multiple voter IDs, following a months-long EPEC analysis. See more about our findings in this data visualization backgrounder.

2. Many of the Voter ID “matches” that EPEC has researched appear to have voted more than once. Follow up recommendations are in the works after EPEC briefed the Commissioner of the Dept. of Elections.

3. EPEC’s analysis of 2022 absentee voting data shows that military absentee ballots are more than twice as likely to fail the tabulation process than the general voting population.

4. After comparing Virginia’s voting lists with the National Change of Address database, EPEC found more than 5,000 addresses in the official registered voter list (RVL) voters which cast ballots in the 2022 general election without a recognized valid address. See our presentation to the Commissioner of Elections here.

Our report on the 2023 election, and education programs for 2024, are in the works.

By joining the EPEC Team as a sponsor (Tax ID #: 88-3314719) you can help this unique, tech-focused nonprofit defray our costs of acquiring and maintaining historical election data, building education programs to serve the public, and launching in-house news operations to cover critical aspects of election mechanics, critical aspects of trusted results.

Our GiveSendGo link is here (opens new tab): https://www.givesendgo.com/EPECTeamData #


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