Daily Absentee List (DAL)

No Answers Yet About Oscillating Vote Tallies in VA Election

Virginia’s Dept. of Elections has not replied to EPEC’s query regarding the output from its live voting feed on election night which showed major fluctuations of results — for both candidates. The oscillations were expressed in the outputs in near-perfect alignment, which raises major questions about the software in use to…...

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Thanksgiving Notes from EPEC Team

Per the EPEC Team Newsletter: Our salute to the volunteers, donors, trainers, and elections managers who served the Commonwealth in the 2023 General Election. Plus, some data points as we await official Virginia results. As we think about all the blessings for which each of us is thankful on Thanksgiving, EPEC…...

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Virginia’s 2023 General Election Results are (Almost) In

From the EPEC Team Newsletter: After 45 days of early voting, and based on live feeds from localities to Virginia’s Dept. of Elections, Democrats held the Commonwealth assembly by capturing 21 seats in senate races on Election Day to Republicans’ 19 Senate seats. Many of the races were decided by…...

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